Public / Contract Warehouse Facilities

Team J Storage and Fulfillment's main facility offers inside and outside secured storage space, monitored 24 hours a day. Strategically located, Omaha is situated at the crossroads of transcontinental highways including I-29, I-80 and NE-75. Our Omaha contract warehouse sits just blocks from these 3 major highways. Rail Service is provided by the Burlington Northern railroad with reciprocal switching available with other rail lines in the area.

  • Secured outside storage space
  • 7 Docks 2 Drive In Doors
  • 3 Rail Doors
  • High pressure sprinkler system
  • Alarmed and monitored by SEI
  • 24/7 Video Surveillance
  • Wi-Fi throughout warehouse


Secured Storage Warehouse by ADT
Warehouse Fire Sprinkler System

Having accurate information and data about your products is as important as the actual physical condition of the product.  That is why we have chosen 3PL Central as our WMS system to help manage and maintain your inventory.  3PL Central is a user friendly, cloud based inventory management system that can provide transparency and real-time shipment information via the internet.  It offers higher levels of security and data protection.

Benefits of 3PL Central:

  • Inventory tracking at several levels including lot numbers, serial numbers and expiration dates.
  • RF Scanning and bar coding
  • Capable of having multiple users within your company with access to different security levels
  • Ability to receive automatic email notifications for activities on your account
  • Customer access to reports including inventory reports, transaction reports, activity reports and billing reports.
  • Ability for customers to enter their own orders and receivers manually or through imports
  • Able to integrate systems through EDI, eCommerce shopping carts and more
3PL Warehouse Scanners
3PL Warehouse conveyor