Team J Storage and Fulfillment (TJSF) offers 3rd party retail fulfillment services for most any B2B scenario. We fulfill orders for national retailers and "mom and pop" stores. Whether the stores are large or small, we are familiar with the different complexities of each type of retailer.

Most large retail stores have unique requirements that must be adhered to, such as case and pallet specifications, labeling requirements, routing guides, ASNs (advanced ship notices) and EDI integration. Failure to adhere to these guidelines generally results in expensive chargebacks.  TJSF has over 20 years experience shipping to the biggest names in the retail world and are very familiar with these requirements.

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Retail Order Fulfillment - Omaha Nebraska

(B2B) Retail order fulfillment highlights

  • Strong knowledge of retailer compliance requirements.
  • Web based reporting available 24 hours a day 7 days a week from any device.
  • Located in Omaha, Nebraska, TJSF provides a central U.S. location with a short lead time to most retail order fulfillment destination in the country.
  • Shipping options such as truck load, LTL or Parcel (UPS, Fed Ex, USPS, SmartPost)
  • EDI integration.
  • Cross docking
  • Multi-retailer support
  • Returns services
  • Customer branding including custom branded packing slips.

We distribute to all of the retailers below on behalf of our clients

How the retail order fulfillment process works

  1. We can take orders for you or receive them from you. We can accept orders via data import, telephone, e-mail, fax or U.S. Postal Service (snail mail). . If we are providing our optional end-to end EDI solution, an automatic email will be sent to you alerting you there are purchase orders for you to review. You will then log into your EDI portal, review pricing, terms etc. and approve or reject the PO.
  2. If the order is accepted it will then be sent to our WMS system where a pick ticket is created and sent to the pick and pack crew. Each pick ticket will instruct the crew as to the items, quantities, locations of the products and any SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) specific to the retailer. The items will be scanned for accuracy and sent to the packing station. In the packing area the items will be scanned again to ensure accuracy, packed, cushioned and sealed.
  3. Next your order will be labeled and shipped via the designated carrier.
  4. After the order has been completed you will be notified of the shipment and your on hand counts will be adjusted. Once again if you are using our end-to-end EDI solution the process will be slightly different. Upon completion of the shipment, an ASN (Advance Shipping Notice) is automatically transmitted via EDI to the Retailer, notifying them of the impending receipt.
  5. A final email notification is sent alerting you that the shipment has been dispatched and that an invoice to the Retailer is now pending. Through our web-based EDI portal, you will review the details and then transmit the invoice to the Retailer via EDI

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