eCommerce fulfillment is the process of receiving, storing, packaging, and shipping orders to online consumers (B2C). As the eCommerce market has grown faster than the traditional “brick and mortar market,” TJSF has seen more and more clients take advantage of this service. Whether your company is looking to outsource during peak periods or outsource the entire order fulfilment process, TJSF is positioned to satisfy your needs.

You handle the sales, let us handle the eCommerce fulfillment. With an experienced fulfillment staff, a central US location, and a warehouse outfitted with the latest technology, we can provide you with fast and accurate eCommerce fulfillment.

Warehouse Worker Scanning Barcode for eCommerce Fulfillment order

eCommerce fulfillment services highlights

  • Integration with most shopping cart platforms, including updates on current inventory, and real time updates of order details.
  • Customer branding, including custom branded packing slips.
  • Secure warehouse storage facilities
  • Experienced fulfillment staff
  • Omaha, NE order fulfillment center provides a 1-3 day ship time to any location in the contiguous US.
  • Returns services
  • Shipping available through UPS, Fed Ex or USPS
  • Flexibility of 3rd party fulfillment

How the process works

  1. You order product from the manufacturer or distributor.
  2. They ship your product to our facility where it will be counted and inspected, then placed in the appropriate bins for later picking.
  3. Once the order is received and put in storage, our system will communicate with your shopping cart, updating your on-hand counts; thus allowing you to better manage your ordering and inventory.
eCommerce Fulfillment
  1. When you receive an order, it is sent to Team J Storage and Fulfillment by your preferred method, such as email, fax, phone, API or EDI. TJSF offers integration with your shopping cart so it can be a completely “hands off” process if you wish.
  2. After a pick ticket has been created, your order will be picked using our barcode scanners to ensure accuracy. The order is then sent to our packing stations where the order is again scanned as another control to ensure accuracy. The order will be carefully boxed along with your customized pack list, labeled and sent to the appropriate carrier
  3. Shipping data is then sent back to your shopping cart in real time so that your customers can monitor their order status.

We also offer you your own portal where you can review all drop shipments, on hand counts, and any new product receipts.

Returns Processing
  1. You create an RMA on your TJSF portal.
  2. The RMA is sent to the customer and they return the product to TJSF
  3. Upon arrival, the product is inspected and if it is in resalable condition it is returned to stock
  4. Inventory is updated and is communicated back to your shopping cart.
We integrate with a long list of ecommerce platforms. If you don’t see your platform listed, we can offer a customized solution.
List of shopping carts TJSF is integrated with

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